A change of direction

Having been a medicinal chemist for about 40 years I have come to the end of that particular road and having a change of direction bringing to a close RodPorterConsultancy. For many years I have dabbled with paint and sticks of pastel as a hobby and so I am now spending more time working on my artistic skills – I am starting from a low baseline here. I thought it might be fun to share some of my efforts. Most of my work uses pastel – essentially solid lumps of pure pigment mixed with small amounts of binder to hold everything together. Most of the pastels I use are commercial (Unison and Rembrandt being preferred brands), however, I do have a number of home made pastels as well – I may get round to writing about how I make these sometime in the future. While the majority of my work is in pastel – a dry medium – I am trying hard to develop watercolour painting as well – so far without much success but if at first etc.

Every so often I will post a picture not because it will be any good but because it was enjoyable to create or reminds me of places I have visited. Most of these pictures are done form photographs – I am still in the early stages of learning to modify pictures to heighten impact. However, I am starting to do more plein air/open air painting – which brings a whole new set of challenges perhaps more on that elsewhere


Rod Porter Consultancy worked with charitable, academic and biotech organisations to help problem solving in their drug discovery research. Set-up in 2009 and (more or less) closed 2022, the company offered:

  • Medicinal chemistry consultancy from hit id to candidate selection
  • Particular expertise in the medicinal chemistry of CNS drug discovery
  • Screening hit analysis and follow-up
  • Input into lead optimisation, programme SAR analysis and strategy.
  • A focus on solving ADMET/PK problems
  • Independent, expert reviews of active programmes and projects
  • Review of therapeutic areas and new target opportunities
  • Review and unbiased critique of research proposals
  • Refereeing of research proposals
  • Third party due diligence

Clients included academic groups, the Wellcome Trust and SME’s covering the range from virtual to medium sized organisations and supporting venture capital funding activities.