Rod Porter Consultancy works with charitable, academic and biotech organisations to help problem solving in their drug discovery research. Set-up in 2009, the company offers:

  • Medicinal chemistry consultancy from hit id to candidate selection
  • Particular expertise in the medicinal chemistry of CNS drug discovery
  • Screening hit analysis and follow-up
  • Input into lead optimisation, programme SAR analysis and strategy.
  • A focus on solving ADMET/PK problems
  • Independent, expert reviews of active programmes and projects
  • Review of therapeutic areas and new target opportunities
  • Review and unbiased critique of research proposals
  • Refereeing of research proposals
  • Third party due diligence

Clients include academic groups, the Wellcome Trust and SME’s covering the range from virtual to medium sized organisations and supporting venture capital funding activities. To discuss your needs and how Rod Porter Consultancy can help please make contact now.

While I am able to offer a range of services in drug discovery from hit validation to candidate selection I have always been aware of areas where some teamwork would be good particularly in the hit id phase and for modelling support during hit validation and lead optimisation. I am therefore pleased to announce an informal association between Rod Porter Consultancy and CompChem Solutions. Rod Porter Consultancy will benefit from CompChem Solutions extensive molecular modelling expertise while conversely CompChem Solutions will be able to offer enhanced medicinal chemistry support for clients project.